About 99.9999% of the time before I go to sleep I pray for different things like my family, friends, work, different request people have etc. Last night I went to bed at around 1:30am and started praying and I was drifting in and out of sleep during the prayer and this verse popped in my head.

“And he came to the disciples and found them sleeping. And he said to Peter, “So, could you not watch with me one hour? 41Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” 42Again, for the second time, he went away and prayed, “My Father, if this cannot pass unless I drink it,  your will be done.” 43And again he came and found them sleeping, for their eyes were heavy.”

-Matthew 26: 40-43

Maybe because this story was fresh in my mind from the Good Friday service a couple of hours ago. I felt like Peter…Jesus asked him to pray for one hour and I couldn’t focus my mind for 5 minutes to pray. I felt like Jesus was talking to me. “Hey Khang…stay up for 5 minutes and pray for your family and their salvation…pray for friends marriage…pray for your own spiritual growth.” I am sure if Peter knew what was about to happen to Jesus he would have paid more attention, prayed his little heart out and would have gotten all the other disciples to get up and pray with him. We know that Jesus died…and most importantly rose from the dead three days later, but that isn’t an excuse to slack off in prayer.

I guess I say all of this is that in that moment of weakness, when my flesh wanted sleep but I knew I should be praying, the Holy Spirit placed some conviction on my heart. It is a nice slap in the face.

Until next time…

Happy Easter everyone! Our Lord and Savior has risen!


I know that is a pretty lame title but that has been my life for about 5 days.

Roughly 5 days without a voice is a long time. Have you ever gone a day or two without talking? It is terrible! Especially when you friends decide to play games like Catch Phrase on New Year’s Eve and you are sitting there drinking orange juice wanting to scream the answer! Anyways that is only a fraction of what as happened in my life.

I would have to say the biggest change in my life so far is my living situation. I am no longer with my beloved best friends Daniel Rowe and Colton White. (Daniel Rowe married his female best friend and moved in with her!) I have moved only to share a wonderful apartment with my sister! God works in mysterious was for all of this to play out. She is going to school at UMHB and is going to be surrounded by people that love the Lord and love her. I am excited to be apart of this journey with her. We haven’t lived together in about 5-6 years but I am confident it will work out! HA.

This is the first time my sister is going to be away from home for a extensive period of time. Hopefully she will learn, grow, mature and be influence by the wonderful people that live here. This will also be a huge chance for me to do the exact same thing; learn, grow and mature as her brother, as someone she can look up too and come to for advice and for me to grow as a follower of Christ.

I have been praying for an opportunity like this for quiet some time, I quite didn’t know how it would happen but I am excited.

Tom and Jerry

September 21, 2010

I know. It has been a while…but whatever I will get straight to the point.

So I am in Dallas for the second straight week for work. I come back to my hotel room after eating some lunch and I start entering some inquiry cards from the night before. I flip through the channels and there is nothing on but Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network. So I watch and think about all of the times as a kid where I would wake up and watch it or get home from school and it would be on.

This time was different…

It is the episode where Tom (the cat) gets knocked unconscious and starts going up this long gold escalator. Gets to a gate called “Heavenly Express” and all of these little mice are getting in and Tom tries to sneak in and gets stopped by “Peter the Cat”. Peter tells Tom that he can’t get on the Heavenly Express because he has been persecuting  Jerry his whole life and the express is leaving in one hour and at this rate he is going to Hell. Peter then gives Tom a glimpse of Hell. The Bulldog is standing in this fiery pit laughing and telling Peter to send Tom down to him.  Peter tells Tom that he needs Jerry forgiveness before he can get on the Heavenly Express.

It just made me think this little cartoon has a point. I know it may not be theologically accurate but it does enough to get its point across to me. When Tom saw just a picture of Hell all he wanted to do was correct all of his wrong doings, run back down the escalator and beg Jerry for his forgiveness. I wonder what the world would be like if they saw just a second of Hell and realized the joy, peace and happiness Jesus brings. I know I am not perfect, that I have sinned and I do sin but it is by the love and grace of Jesus Christ that I am forgiven. You and I don’t have to run and beg a mouse or a roommate for forgivness… You just have to ask Jesus Christ.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the floty of God, and are justified by his frace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3: 23-34

Well the past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. We are pretty busy at work and I am just tired when I home. I have NO IDEA how my parents worked 8-5 then had the strength, love and patience to deal with me and my sister when they got home after a long day of work.

Anyways the real reason I am blogging tonight is that  my parents told me a couple of weeks ago that they thought about coming to Belton one weekend to come to church with me. That is great news! I believe it was the first time my mom had ever brought up coming to church with my without me bringing it up first. She told me when I was a work one Tuesday and it  nearly brought me to tears. I am not sure why my parents would want to drive 3 hours to come to church with me when Sagemont is 2 minutes away but maybe they feel more comfortable?? I have no idea. But the thing I have been dealing with the most right now is that it was mentioned maybe about 2 or 3 weeks ago, this kind of thing always happened with my sister and got my discouraged. How they would mentioned it…I would get my hopes up and then they not coming or showing up. I am sure those of you who have asked people to come to church with them (or to any other place) and then they end up not coming or coming up with some excuse. Maybe its the enemy trying to distract me from the fact that the thought of church/Jesus/Christianity is even in their mind! I have been wrestling back and forth…tossing and turning…why I am on this (excuse the cliche) “emotional roller coaster” with my parents  saying they are coming then something comes up, getting my hopes up only to get a phone call saying they can’t make it…. I KNOW His timing is perfect and I KNOW even if they did come to church it is not of my doing but His.

But through all the craziness/struggles of the week, it is this verse that has helped get to late late Thursday night.

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life i now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

– Galations 2:20

Luke 1:37

March 22, 2010

Spring Break…I thought I would never have one again…Then I got a job working for the University! Spring Break 20-10!

My spring break consisted of moving…and and D-rowe moved out of the Bucher’s place to a place of our own. I like it. its a nice little duplex. It just us and Knox!

The second part of my break was in Houston. I was only there for 2 and a half days but it was nice to be in Houston.

The first 4 hours I was there we got a call from one of my dad’s drivers letting us know that he was going to the hospital because a a strap broke while he was loading up a truck and 30-40 pieces of plywood fell on him. He has a broken tail bone and is REAL sore. So be praying for him that he heals up and can get back to work…he gets really restless just laying around.

But I spent the majority of my time in Houston hanging out with my mom. She is crazy! I love her but she’s a Diva fo sho.

Saturday night I went to my Uncle’s house on my dad’s side of the family for my grandpa’s “death anniversary” this is always an awkward time for me because that side of the family is Buddhist. They lay out food for my grandpa under his picture and burn incests and everyone does this. Except for me…in the past they have gotten offended that I don’t participate and I am suppose to, because I am the oldest boy in the family, the next in line, or whatever. The cool part about that is my parents always stand up for me and tell them that I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to. This year I got to talk to my mom a little bit about it because she asks why I choose not to do it. Please pray that this might spark more questions and that God gives me the words to say! I can get nervous and freak out easily!

Well the one of the highlights of that night was Greyson. I got to chase him around the house and show him what this little light up toy can do. And he loved it.

Then I showed him how to work the toy….

He is crazy! I miss him already.

When there are times that I think no way they can change or its impossible… I am reminded that nothing is impossible with God (title) and there is hope. There is a song by Robbie Seay Band called Love Wins and the lyrics are pretty cool. It is my ringtone for my family and my family only. It is a reminder for me everytime they call (which is often) to pray for them!

There is hope, there is hope, there is hope
But everyone who’s lost will be coming home
And everything that hurts will be whole again
And love will be the last thing standing

Can’t stop, you can’t stop the seasons
Don’t stop, don’t stop believing
Keep on dreaming of the day when it all will change
Believe in the end, love wins
If you’re waiting for the time when your sun will shine
Oh, look above cause love wins

Anyways. Sorry this post is so long but if you anyone out there has a prayer list or whatever that they have going on, please add my family to that list! I love them so much and I just want them to see, know and feel the love of Christ and the joy that He brings.

until next time…

So my parents came up for the day to help me move into my new home. (new duplex) It is always a breath of fresh air when they come up here. It was so good to see them even if it was for just for the day. They usually bring Greyson with them but since they were helping us move it wouldn’t be very logical…

I love that kid…watching the videos on my facebook, talking to him on the phone, seeing pictures of him… I miss him a lot… If you have been around me you know he is one of my favorite things to talk about or show you. I always like to buy him Astros “gear”. I bought him an Astros onesies and you just bought him a little Astros hooded jacket! My dad has been taking him to the park lately and he likes to go watch kids play baseball. Maybe ball of my Astros gear, trips to the parks and the batting cages with his dad will pay off! I know i’m just his uncle and I am already excited for him to play sports! I can only imagine that this is only a fraction of what it is like when dads go play catch with their sons and picture them being Major Leaguers!! Anyways all that to say…I love this kid…I hope I can be the cool uncle he looks up too! I want  him to grow up and witness the love of Christ so bad! I want to be apart of that!!

Anyways! Here is a picture of him…and a picture of his favorite player (more like one of mine but i’m sure its his too!)

Thats Joe Mauer! He is awesome!

Sorry for another post about baseball…I can’t seem to get away from it…and I don’t want too!!

until next time…Holla!

So as many of you know…I like baseball…A LOT. and good news…Spring Training is here! I know its pre-season baseball but I am sitting here watching the Astros – Mets spring training game and cheering and yelling  like its the play offs. I have spent the last couple of days watching baseball, from a 6 hour double – header at UMHB to watching the MLB Network here at the house. (the best channel in the world)

26 days and 16 hours till the Astros Opening day…and 28 days till I got to my first MLB game of the year. Yesterday I requested off on Wednesday, April 7th so I could go to the Rangers vs Blue Jays game!  ( I have 2 tickets…let me know if you are interested and I will think about it!)

I cant wait to go to Rangers, Astros and Express games! So much baseball! I cant get enough!!

Sorry you have to read about my love for the best game ever! Promise the next post will be more enjoyable to the ladies!

Dancing at an Express game

Highlight Reel

March 7, 2010

Well it has been quite some time since I last updated…some people have inspired me to pick this back up. (Brett Land and Apartment 522)

So I thought I would put some pictures up instead of typing out something long…and lame that no one is going to read. Everyone likes pictures! Plus they are worth 1,000 words!

So here is a litle “Highlight Reel” of the past 9-10 months!

I went to my first Rangers game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. It was a magical experiences! Now I am that much closer to my lifetime goal of visiting all the Major League Stadiums! 2 down…28 to go! (Minute Maid Park was the other one)

I graduated!! I passed Spanish I and II with an A.

I got a job! I am working at UMHB as an admissiosn counselor/recruiter and I love it. I love the this University, my co-workers and people I come into contact with!

I have found the most amazing smell ever. Polo Black…Life Changing

Last but not last…Greyson turned 1!! He is awesome!

So much has happened in the past 10 months it is hard for me to explain. It is amazing to look back and see what God has done in my life.

Well I am off to bed! Hopefully I will keep this blogging thing going like I use too!!


I’ve been watching this show called “The Unit”. Colton let me borrow Season 1 he gave it to me 2 days ago and now I’m waiting for the last disc…Kinda glad he has it, I haven’t been to bed before 2 o’clock staying up to watch that show! Anyways I thought I would share some thoughts about this summer that have been on my mind lately and they are half the reason why I haven’t been sleeping well.

I had this sleeping problem last year after I got back from Morocco, I think it might have been from taking sleeping pills over there… I just get restless at night and I can’t seem to shut off my mind.

June 1st is when I start Summer I. And I am terrified. I have been scared/nervous of taking Spanish through out my collegiate career. Not scared of Financial Accounting, College Algebra, New Testament or Statistics. But of Spanish. I have never been really good at languages. I can get by…kinda with my Vietnamese and my English well…I don’t have an accent but my grammar is pretty bad. I have tried different ways to get out of taking it…online spanish and other languages (never fit with my schedule) but now my back is against the wall…the only thing in the way of my degree is Spanish I & II. So instead of taking 2 semesters to learn Spanish… I have to learn it in 2 months…please pray! ha

On top of that I have 2 part-time jobs. One with FBC Belton as the College Intern and the other is for UMHB as the Student Organizations Student Worker. I am excited about both jobs but I hope I haven’t bitten off more then I can chew. I am scared that I won’t be able to go a good enough job for Kristy…or for the College Ministry but I also want to graduate. Also there is drama back home with my family plus I can’t pay rent on time because both jobs pay minimum and I never get the checks at the same time…I have a lot on my plate this summer but I trust in the Lord. I am in these situations for a reason and I’m sure He is going to teach me a lot, whether it’s learning to have more faith in Him or time management… this should be an interesting summer here in Belton, Texas.

Wad Up!

I want to try and blog more…I know…I know… a lot of people including myself have said that countless times…

This certain thing has been on my mind lately as friends graduate or go away for the summer.

Houston…or Belton…I love both places…and both are really really different.

Houston…family… I love my family no matter how crazy, messed up, or vulgar they are. Home of the Astros and Rockets of course… my beloved teams. Downtown is fun. Sagemont Church, the place where I came to know Christ and my best friends. (Chris Brewster, Cj Heald and the Walkers!)

Belton…Mary Hardin Baylor… I know God had me there for a reason. I love the people that are there. From the administration to the students. Heck! It’s where I met some of my dear friends like Daniel Rowe, Jennifer Walker and Katy Bumpus. They are amazing people who I can and have share anything/everything with. (Don’t be offended that I didn’t put your name down…for real!) First Baptist Church, my new church home and place of employment. It’s a great place. There is so much community there. The college ministry there is unbelievable.

People often ask me, “What am I going to do after I (potentially) graduate in August?” “Where am I going to live?”

As crazy as it sounds…right now…i’d say Belton. Belton just feels like home to me. Houston is where I grew up but in the past 4 years…Houston was a place I went for 3 or 4 months out of the year. It doesn’t feel like home. Even my own house doesn’t feel like home…Greyson has taken over my old room. I feel like an outsider at my church. Don’t get my wrong I don’t expect doves to be released and rose pedals on the ground when I walk in to the  sanctuary.

My aunt use to get mad at me when I called Belton home. But I do feel like its home…